There is a saying here, “Once you get Long Beach sand in your shoes, it’s hard to get it out.”

I want to collect stories from the people in my town so we can record, remember, and understand what happened to us in our own ways, through something other than news stories.

Why Collect Stories?

Stories help us heal. Hurricane Sandy was a devastating event that effected everyone in the community. Storytelling offers a way to clarify our thoughts about what happened to us and connect with our feelings.

Stories strengthen community ties. Everyone who experienced the hurricane and its aftermath — residents, friends, first responders, community volunteers, women and men, old and young, poor and rich, from the Canals to the West End  — has a different point of view. By  listening to one another we develop a deeper appreciation for the rich diversity of Long Beach, and a keener sense of our shared ideals and values.

Stories provide a way to remember. Our personal memories fade over time. Recording stories with audio and/or video preserves the details for future generations. It lets us be the authors of our history. Who knows, our struggles and successes with rebuilding may help other communities that are similarly effected by a disaster.

Storytelling at Gentle Brew Coffee Roasters, December 15

Photo by Tiannah Bruce


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